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Odalys Garcia - Biography, Profile

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Odalys Garcia is a Cuban actress, model, singer and show host.
She was born on October 23, 1975 in Havana, Cuba.

Odalys Garcia started her career as a dancer at the illustrious Alicia Alonso School of Dance in Havana.
After arriving in the United States, began a successful modeling career before catching the eye of producers at the Univision network who casted her as a host of several programs.
Starting with “Noches de Gigantes” in 1991, and moving to “De Pelicula” (1991), Odalys gained widespread fame as the host of the Candid-Camera type show “Lente Loco”.

Currently the national spokeswoman for Bally’s Total Fitness Latin marketing campaign, Odalys resides in Miami and is the producer of her very popular and best-selling calendar.
Odalys GarcĂ­a is also an executive producer and singer. Her calendars have sold well over the years, her 2001 version selling 200,000 copies, and she also produces a video to accompany her calendars.

Her singing career is taking off with the help of Selena Quintanilla‘s father Abraham Quintanilla.
Odalys has been in heavy promotion of her first CD lately, and her concerts have included one in Monterrey where the audio equipment she was using broke and she had to cancel her concert.